Saguaro View Homeowner’s Association is a small rural community located in Surprise, Arizona. We are very proud of our beautiful views of the White Tank’s and the Estrella Mountains in the distant southern horizon and the scenic Hieroglyphic Mountains with their boundless trails and washes providing our immediate northern backdrop. The monsoon storms that develop over these mountains in the summer months offer spectacular lightning displays. The surrounding desert landscape with its many saguaros is a continual reminder of how diverse and rich the Sonoran desert is.

We are a diverse group of individuals and families from all walks of life; however we share a common desire to live in the country and escape the confines of an urban area. A few examples of recreation we enjoy are horseback riding, motorcycles and ATVs, bird and nature watching, hiking and exploring the starry dark skies you can only see outside of the city.

While we share a beautiful area to live we must also share the responsibility of managing our association. We own and operate a private water system that supplies a safe supply of water to our homes. The water system must continually be maintained and expanded to supply our growing community and meet future needs. Additionally we maintain our rural dirt roads while working closely with city officials to pave these roadways to improve property values, personal health and to eliminate pollution caused by dust. These projects are funded by water revenue and yearly assessments and we must manage these precious dollars closely.

We urge you to become an active member of our community by talking to your neighbors and attending the friendly HOA meetings.

Saguaro View Board of Directors

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