Saguaro View Management HOA, Inc. conducts all meetings as per A.R.S. 33-1804 Open Meetings statute.

Please review AZ A.R.S. 33-1804  Statute at this link.

All scheduled meetings are open to members and will be noticed by USPS mail, with draft agenda and other pertinent information, at least 10 business days prior to the meeting, per AZ revised statute.

SunCity West Foundation Meeting Rooms
Address14465 W R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West, AZ 85375

2020 Calendar of Events

Start of year scheduled meet date  :  FEB 1st, 2020  9am – Sun City Foundation –  Powell Room

ANNUAL scheduled meeting date   :  MAR 14th, 2020  9am – Sun City Foundation –  Grand Canyon Room

Third scheduled meeting date          :  AUG  15th, 2020  9am – Sun City Foundation –  Quail Room

End of Year scheduled meet date    :  NOV  14th, 2020  9am – Sun City Foundation –  Quail Room

2020 Election Deadline Periods – Fill two (2) open board seats

FEB 3rd, 2020 – last day to submit volunteer member BIO
  ++ Via U.S. Mail to COLBY MANAGEMENT – PREFERRED method
  ++ Via BOD@SAGUAROVIEW.ORG email address
  ++ HAND DELIVER to COLBY MANAGEMENT before, or on, deadline date
  ++ Member is responsible for following up to ensure & confirm BIO was received!

FEB    7th, 2020 Colby Management mails out ballot to members

MAR  4th, 2020 Members return ballot to Colby Management – via U.S. Mail

Official ballot tally, including meeting walk-in ballots, to be finalized at: 

            March 14th, 2020 scheduled 9AM meeting SCW Foundation Grand Canyon

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