President’s Corner

SVM President’s Corner—June 2019

Let me begin this first President’s Message by introducing you to the new 2019 Saguaro View Management, Inc. Board of Directors.
• James D. Smith (2019-2021), President
• Ron Minchella (2019-2021), Vice President
• Rick Molera (2019-2021), Secretary
• Newilda Sosa (2018-2020), Treasurer
• Martin Rankin (2018-2020), At-Large

Next, and as I did at the April 30th board meeting, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you and appreciation to Newilda Sosa for her 15 years of undying dedication and service to our Association mostly as our Treasurer. Through thick and thin, Nel has always been there for us.

I also want to thank all of you who cast ballots in the April 30, 2019 election. It has been a hard-fought and confusing period in our Association’s history and one I hope never to see again. As I have said several times, this election was going to be a turning point for our Association.

I want to clear the air on the litigation we just went through. Against many warnings, the past SVM Board (minus Newilda Sosa) chose a path of illegal and confusing elections which led to a lawsuit against Association, costing nearly $30,000 to date. The Board had many opportunities to listen to reason from the Association’s legal counsel and conduct a proper election on March 23rd for three rather than two open seats.

The issue could have been resolved for a few hundred dollars on both sides. However, the Board chose to abandon their Duties of Care and Fiduciary Responsibility in favor of suspending our Bylaws and Arizona Statutes in the reckless and imprudent pursuit of retaining absolute control of the SVM Board.

In the future, all SVHOA shareholders need to give serious consideration to who they elect and trust with the stewardship of our Association. The Association is not a social club. It is a corporation of shareholders who are contractually bound to the Property. The job of the SVM Board of Directors is to manage our affairs with a Duty of Care and Fiduciary Responsibility in the context of a Standard of Conduct for Directors in discharging these duties:

1. In good faith
2. With the care of an ordinarily prudent person
3. In a manner the director reasonably believes to be in the best interests of the corporation.

Serving on the Board carries a heavy responsibility and is not a job to be taken lightly. We need level-headed individuals who have our best interests at heart with a clear understanding and commitment to performing their duties in accord with our Community Documents and Arizona Statutes. In the coming months there will be opportunities for individuals who aspire to serving on the SVM Board to get proper training for that task.

The current SVM Board promises to do our best to get the Association back on track. All we ask is for you to not sit on the sidelines but to engage with us to the extent of agreeing or disagreeing with the propositions we put before you over the coming months and years.

Thank you for your attention and patience.

Respectfully, James


At our upcoming SVM Regular Board meeting on June 1, 2019, I will introduce a proposal to create an ad hoc committee structure to help organize and spread the work to small groups of individuals (no more than three) with expertise in areas of concern. These committees will be chaired by one or two SVM directors. These ad hoc committees will not be empowered to take any formal action and are intended only to do research and report their findings and advice to the SVM Board at our regular meetings. The Board may act upon these recommendations and seek membership approval as per SVM Bylaws and Arizona Statutes.

Document Review & Revisions (Proposed)

Members: James Smith, President and Ron Minchella, Vice President

Charter.—The assigned duties of this committee are to Review the Saguaro View Home Owner’s Association (SVHOA or Association) Community Documents and to Advise the SVM Board of any necessary Revisions.

By necessity, this committee will begin its review of our Bylaws (1997) and 2003 Restatement of Declaration of Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions for Saguaro Management, Inc. immediately with the objective of updating and modernizing them to comply with Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S) especially those involving the Planned Community Statutes. It is expected that this careful review and approval process will be carried out over an extended period of time.

There may be additional charters for this committee as deemed necessary by the SVM Board.

Water System (Proposed)

Members: Mr. Ted Chittenden, SVM Water Manager, Rick Molera, Secretary, Martin Rankin, Director

Charter.—The assigned duties of this committee are to monitor and advise the SVM Board of any issues pertaining to maintenance and well-being of the Association’s well and water delivery system now and in the future.

There may be additional charters for this committee as deemed necessary by the SVM Board.

Roads (Proposed)

Members: Messrs. Clete Zurcher, Scott Phillips, and James Smith, President, ex officio

Charter.—The assigned duties of this committee are to: Establish the state of easement dedications to the City of Surprise, meet with City officials to work out an equitable agreement to temporarily grade those roads within the SVHOA boundaries for which the City holds quitclaims, and meet with City officials to work out long term plans for improving those roads within the SVHOA boundaries for which the City holds quitclaims.

There may be additional charters for this committee as deemed necessary by the SVM Board.

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