HOA Maintained Roads
Duane, Skinner, Morning Vista, and Desert Vista


The SVHOA maintained roads will be graded the weekend of June 16, 2018.

The City of Surprise Maintained Roads
Peakview – 163rd to 155th Ave
Dale Lane – 163rd to 155th Ave
Dynamite – 163rd to 157th Ave
161st Ave – Dynamite to Dixileta
157th Ave – Dynamite to Peakview

If you would like to report a road problem
City of Surprise Public Works (pothole or debris)

Road Documents
SVHOA Managed Road Map
Road and Utility Easement Map 2011
City of Surprise Proposed ROW Map
City of Surprise ROW Proposal Report 2006
City of Surprise Property Owner Impact Letter
Quit Claim Q&A
SVHOA and City Road Project Update August 2006
City of Surprise Road Maintenance Notification Letter

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