Water System Managers
Saguaro View Board of Directors

For Water Billing Questions
Colby Management
17220 N Boswell Blvd #140
Sun City, AZ 85373
Phone – 623-977-3860
Fax – 623-977-3577

Emergency Contact for Water System Related Issues
Ted Chittenden
Lead Water Maintenance SV Service Provider
Phone – 602-697-6352
James Smith 623-556-1075
Martin Rankin 623-810-7522
Rick Molera 623-255-9992

Monthly Water Usage Rates
up to 5,000 gallons             = $27.00  –  Base Rate
5,001 – 25,000 gallons       = $2.54 per 1,000 gallons
25,001 gallons and above = $5.00 per 1,000 gallons

Water System Buy In Fee
New construction – 1 inch meter installation = $4,500.00
Upgrade to 1 inch meter = $1,300.00
Payment must be received by Colby Management before water meter servicing will be scheduled.

Saguaro View water rates and system buy-in fees were last adjusted on October 15, 2006

Request For Water Service Form
Request for Water Service Form

Saguaro View HOA Will Serve Letter
SVHOA Will Serve Letter

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports
Water Quality Report 2018
Water Quality Report 2017
Water Quality Report 2016
Water Quality Report 2015
Water Quality Report 2014
Water Quality Report 2013
Water Quality Report 2012
Water Quality Report 2011
Water Quality Report 2010
Water Quality Report 2009
Water Quality Report 2008
Water Quality Report 2007
Water Quality Report 2006

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Water ADEQ Analysis Report 2018
ADEQ Drinking Water Microbiological Analysis Report 2018
ADEQ MAP Test 2018
ADEQ Drinking Water Compliance Letter
ADEQ Public Water System Certificate
ADEQ Arsenic Violation Error-Correction Letter
ADEQ Sampling Results 2013
ADEQ Water Sampling Results 2011
City of Surprise Arsenic Notification Letter
SVHOA Arsenic Notification to Members
MCESD Arsenic Settlement Agreement

ADEQ Consumer Confidence Report 2017
ADEQ Consumer Confidence Report 2016
ADEQ Consumer Confidence Report 2015
ADEQ Consumer Confidence Report 2014
ADEQ Consumer Confidence Report 2005

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