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2020 SVM Public Water System Permit to Operate & Business License
SVM PWS Operator Permit & License

SVM Board reduces 2020 annual assessment to $70.00 per 2.5 acres – Assessment REDUCTION 

2nd Quarter Board Newsletter Update

2020 Board of Directors

Rick Molera       –  president
Mike Guertin     –  vice president
Newilda Sosa     –  treasurer [ Senior Board Member ]
Tim Clemit          –  secretary
Ron Minchella   –  director


2020 Scheduled SVM Association Meeting Dates, Times & Locations

   February 1st, 9AM  SunCityWest Foundation – Powell room

   March 14th, 9AM  SunCityWest Foundation – Grand Canyon room

   August 15th, 9AM  SunCityWest Foundation – Quail room

   November 14th, 9AM  SunCityWest Foundation – Quail room

2020 SVM Election Deadline Periods – Volunteer to run for the board to fill TWO board seats

FEB 3rd, 2020 – last day to submit member BIO
  ++ Via U.S. Mail to COLBY MANAGEMENT – PREFERRED method
  ++ Via BOD@SAGUAROVIEW.ORG email address
  ++ HAND DELIVER to COLBY MANAGEMENT by deadline date
  ++ Member is responsible for following up to ensure & confirm BIO was received!

FEB    7th, 2020 Colby Management mails out ballot to members

MAR  4th, 2020 Members return ballot to Colby Management – via U.S. Mail

Official ballot tally, including meeting walk-in ballots, to be finalized

          March 14th, 2020 scheduled 9AM meeting SCW Foundation Grand Canyon Room


Final 2020 vote count as motioned, seconded & unanimously approved, via emergency group email, by previous board :

   Ron Minchella, Mike Guertin, Martin Rankin, Newilda Sosa, Rick Molera

Includes additional ballots received at Colby Management on March 13th, 2020:
 Tim Clemit                =  66
 Newilda Sosa           =  66
 Trish Oldham          =  52
 Mary Greenwall      =  44

Board officers nominated by emergency email motion, seconded & unanimously approved by the new board:
Rick Molera       –  president 
Mike Guertin     –  vice president 
Newilda Sosa     –  treasurer [ Senior Board Member ] 
Tim Clemit          –  secretary 
Ron Minchella   –  director

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