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SVM Board’s Corner— 2022

Let me begin this member update by introducing you to the 2022-23 Saguaro View Management, Inc. Board of Directors, term, & office:

• Martin Rankin (2023-2024), President 
• Mike Holguin (2023-2025),  Vice President 
• Trish Oldham (2023-2024), Secretary
• Mary Greenawalt  (2023-2025), Treasurer 
• Jim Smith (2023-2025), Director  

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Big Accomplishment:  Members voted YES to set our annual assessment, once and for all to see & adhere to, per our signed contract agreement(s).

Serving on the Board carries a heavy responsibility and is not a job to be taken lightly. We need level-headed individuals who have our entire memberships’ best interests at heart with a clear understanding and commitment to performing these duties in accordance with our Community Documents and Arizona Statutes. In the coming months there shall be ample opportunity for individuals, aspiring to serve on the SVM Board, to get involved and volunteer their time & efforts on behalf of our entire Association & The Membership.

Our current SVM Board promises to do our level best to keep our Association on track via compromise – agreement or settlement of disputes reached by each side making fair concessions. 

All we ask is for members not to sit on the sidelines but to engage with us to the extent of agreeing or disagreeing with the propositions we put before you, over the coming months and years.  Through compromise, we all can succeed, in an equitable manner.

Thank you for your attention, patience & assistance!

Respectfully, SVM Inc. Assoc. Board of Directors

Saguaro View Homeowners Association