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Saguaro View Management HOA, Inc. conducts all meetings as per A.R.S. 33-1804 Open Meetings statute.

Please review AZ A.R.S. 33-1804  Statute at this link.

All scheduled meetings are open to members and will be noticed by USPS mail, with draft agenda and other pertinent information, at least 10 business days prior to the meeting, per AZ revised statute.

2023 SVM Election Deadline Periods  – Fill THREE (3) open board seats

FEBRUARY 10th, 2023 – Final day to submit your volunteer member BIO to run for the board!

  ++ Via U.S. Mail to COLBY MANAGEMENT
        Address: 17220 Boswell Blvd UNIT 140, Sun City, AZ 85373
                          Open Monday through Friday – 8am to 3pm
  ++ Send email to & copy
  ++ HAND DELIVER to COLBY MANAGEMENT By the noted due date
  ++ Member is responsible for following up to ensure & confirm BIO was received!

FEBRUARY  15th, 2023 Colby Management mails out ballot to members

MARCH  15th, 2023  Ballot mail in due date – member returns ballot to Colby Mgt – via U.S. Mail – or hand deliver it to the listed address

Official ballot tally, including meeting walk-in ballots, finalized at: 

            MARCH 18th, 2023 scheduled 9AM Annual board & member meeting
            JULY 15th, 2023
 scheduled 10:30AM Member Meeting, Asante Library  CANCELED
            NOVEMBER 18th, 2023 scheduled 10:30AM Member Meeting, Asante Library


For additional updates:

2022 Calendar of Events

Hampton Inn Hotel 14783 W. Grand AVE 85374 – MAR, AUG, NOV 2022 Meeting Location!

All meetings scheduled/conducted on a SATURDAY, 9AM – SHARP! 

Start of year scheduled meet date    :  FEB 19th – SunCityWest Foundation – Grand Canyon Room
           ++ Finalize Upcoming Board Election Vote – Confirm voting due dates & introduce volunteer candidates!

ANNUAL scheduled meeting date     :  MAR 19th – Hampton INN Hotel Conference Room – NEW LOCATION – reduced cost& FREE refreshments!
           ++ Finalize New Board Election – Complete Membership VOTE!

Third scheduled meeting date           :  AUG  13th – Hampton INN Hotel Conference Room – NEW LOCATION – reduced cost & FREE refreshments!
           ++ CONFIRM current Consumer Confidence Water Report Completed & Available on website – WATER tab

End of Year scheduled meet date      :  NOV  12th – Hampton INN Hotel Conference Room – NEW LOCATION – reduced cost & FREE refreshments!
          ++ Finalize New Year Annual Budget – Close out current year

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