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Approved as received without any resolutions

Agenda – Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting: 11/17/18

Attendance: Mike Shove, Mark Greenawalt, Martin Rankin, Newelda Sosa, Doug Villa

1. Announcements: Opening Comments by Mike, Pres.
Mike called the meeting at 9:02 / Mike went over the meeting rules. Mike spoke about Mr. Smith’s letter that was sent out calling Mike a thief.

2. Doug / Mark: Review previous meeting minutes. / Approve minutes
Mark read minutes from previous meeting. Doug made a motion to accept and Newelda Second.

3. Martin: Treasurers Report:
Martin was out sick so Mike gave the Treasury Report $267,000 (+ or -)

4. Old Business:
Mike spoke about late water bills and past due assessment bills. People are now catching up. Mike spoke about the amount in the bank. If it goes over $300,000 then we need to talk about transferring monies into CD’s. Jeremy spoke about an estimate to chip seal approx. 3 miles of dirt road (Duane, Morning Vista Ln and Skinner) – cost would be approx. $70,000. No decision was made at this time.

5. New Business: ….. Stacey Shiffer E-mail report:
Mike Payne spoke about the roads – doesn’t want the H.O.A. to pay for the roads. Mr. Smith asked questions about repairing the roads. Mr. Smith asked if H.O.A. intends to use funds for chip sealing the roads without the members approval? President Mike Shove answered him absolutely not. We will not fund the chip sealing on our roads without a vote from our members in our association.

New Meeting Dates: 3/23/19, 8/14/19 and 11/15/19

2/3/19 Deadline for the Bio’s to BOD
2/8/19 Colby mailing out Ballots to the members
3/17/19 Last day for the return of the Ballots.
3/23/19 Meeting – Results of the Election will be read at that time

Rick Molera spoke about the roads and use of imminent domain to get the Right of Way from Homeowners that haven’t signed over yet. Mr. Smith asked 4 questions regarding roads which were answered by the board.

6. Open Discussion:
More discussion from the members regarding the roads with no decisions made other than our quarterly grading.

7. Door Prize Give Away:

8. Meeting Adjourn:
Motion made to adjourn by: Mark, second: Doug


Mike Shove, Doug Villa, Mark Greenawalt, Newilda Sosa

Meeting called to order by Mike.
Mike made a statement about meeting rules. There will be a time limit of 3 minutes for any member speaking about an issue.

Doug read the meeting minutes from April 14, 2018 meeting. Mark motioned to accept the minutes, Doug 2nd the motion.

Doug read the meeting minutes from the June 2, 2018 meeting. Mark motioned to accept the minutes, Newilda 2nd the motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike
Reserve Balance is $271,841.18

Old Business
Doug made a motion for Mark Greenawalt to be appointed secretary. Newilda Sosa 2nd the motion.

New Business
Mike said the roads will be done between September 8th and September 15th.
Roads may cost a bit more than usual.

Doug spoke about the mass emailing or texting alerts for emergencies in our association. For example: water shutoff’s or broken pipes, etc.

Ray Grimm and Jim Cunningham who are candidates for Surprise City Council spoke to our members regarding the election and asking for support.

Ray Jarvis, attorney for a new housing development talked about a 22 ft strip along Dixileta and backs up to properties in Saguaro View, which was never incorporated into the City of Surprise. He requested that any of the effected property owners to please contact him or the City of Surprise.

Mike asked Jeremy Brockway to get a proposal to chip seal our roads and Jeremy said he would have it at our next meeting.

Open Discussion
Mike asked Scott Phillips if he would call Rick Molera and ask him to turn in his CC&R book and any materials pertaining to the Saguaro View Board of Directors.

Door Prize Giveaway

Meeting was adjourned at 10:37 AM by Mark Doug 2nd the motion.


Mike Shove, Doug Villa, Martin Rankin, Newilda Sosa

Meeting called to order by Mike at 9:01 AM.

Mike made a statement regarding the meeting being held. He said he was told that it could not be considered a special meeting unless certain conditions were met. This meeting would be considered a regular meeting and not a special meeting.

Mike stated that there was a water line break and another on Peak View. He said a back-hoe operator broke the line and Ted was able to fix the issue by noon that day.
Mike also stated that a former board member had a confrontation at the well site, resigned, then submitted his bio to Colby instead of submitting it to the board email address as instructed. Mike said that he asked Colby to remove this person’s name from the ballot. This person is not banned from running for the board but was not allowed to run for the current election cycle since the bio submission instructions were not followed.
Mike said a non-board member went to Colby and tried to obtain the election results. Colby did not give this person the ballots, and Newilda was able to pick up the election results and gave them to Mike. Mike stated that the parcel number is on each ballot to ensure that there is only a single vote for each parcel. Newilda stated that she was concerned that because there are parcel numbers on the ballots there are privacy concerns.

Jim Smith, a homeowner spoke about the ballots. He said that he did not consider Rick resignation valid since it was not in writing.
Rick said that he did not agree with the election process.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike
Expenses were $9,112.22
Income was $16,293.66
Reserve Balance is $238,677.84

Minutes for the previous meeting were not read as Doug did not know this was a regular meeting until arriving on site. He did not have them with him to review.

Web Site Update – Doug
The domain transfer from Earthlink to Newtek has been completed. Currently, the .org and .com web site domain names, plus the web hosting services are all on Newtek Web Services. All payments to Earthlink will stop at the next billing cycle. This will reduce the annual payments from around $375.00 to $60.00.
There were a few water documents that were posted to the site, plus the election dates were added to the calendar.
Newilda asked for a copy of the meeting minutes from the April meeting. I said I did not have them and they would not be considered valid until the board approved them. She said she wanted a copy anyways and stressed that she wanted her request in todays minutes.

Voting Results
The results were as follows:
Mark Greenawalt – 44 votes
Kimberly Jordan – 22 votes
Steve Oden – 18 votes

Mark was not in attendance, so he is considered a Director and member of the board, but have no other official title.

Jim Smith raised a concern that the returned ballots were in Mikes house. Mike said he would put them in the storage with the returned ballots from previous elections.

Roads Report – Mike
Mike said that 155th Ave was paved, and it was poorly done. As a result, traffic on Duane, Peak View, and Morning Vista increased. He said he will call to get the roads grated and will have the dates posted on the web site. He said he will try and have it scheduled for the second week of June and he will try to keep the bill to the normal $4200.00.

Water Shutoffs – Mike
Mike explained what the water shutoff process is. He said there have not been any shutoffs in the past few years. He explained a home owner who had an unusually high-water usage for them for past few months. The meter was swapped out and after about 10 days the meter was showing similar usage as the previous year. It was determined that the meter was faulty. Mike will work with Colby to determine what monies should be paid back to the home owner due to the faulty meter.

Open Session – Q & A
Jim Smith raised a concern about the road situation.
Jim Smith raised a concern about the validity of a write in candidate being allowed to serve on the board. I explained to him how there was a lengthy discussion at the previous meeting on if the write in names should be accepted. It was then agreed by all board members and a consensus of the attending homeowners that it should be allowed.
A discussion about the incident at the well occurred.
A question about the Right Of Way was asked about the city using imminent domain to get the ROW of the remaining homeowners who have not given them to the city. A person said that there are many rules around what the city can and cannot use imminent domain for.
A discussion about the roads and ROW occurred.
A person stated that you could go to the county recorders web site and search Saguaro View and look at the plot map if you have any questions about a road or easement on or near your property.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:37 AM by Mike.


Mark Greenawalt, Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Newilda Sosa, Mike Shove

Meeting called to order by Mark at 9:02 AM.

Minutes for the previous meeting read by Doug. Mike motioned to accept the minutes, Newilda 2nd the motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike
Expenses were $15,411.51
Income was $16,863.79
Reserve Balance is $223,225.44

A motion to accept the budget was proposed by Newilda, Doug 2nd the motion.

Roads Report – Rick
Rick and Scott met with Roland Winters from the City Council about the Right of Way parcels. Roland confirmed there are 28 parcels that need to be turned over to the city. The city agreed to work with the home owners and resolve the ROW issue.
A general discussion about paving the roads happened.

Grading is planned for 4/21 though the date has not been finalized yet. The budget allows $4200.00 per quarter plus as needed due to weather.
Mike asked that the grading schedule be added to the SVHOA website calendar.
A community member asked about the HOA paving the roads ourselves. Mark stated that the city says that if the HOA paves the roads, it is up to the HOA to maintain the paved roads.

Water Shutoffs – Mike
Mike said that there has been an average of two homeowners per month not paying their water bill as of late. There is one that has not paid on time for nearly 2.5 years. After being given a shut off notice and still not paying, Ted C went to shut off their water. They paid $500.00 down and agreed to a payment schedule with zero tolerance. If they miss a payment they will have their water turned off.

Open Session – Q & A
Jim Cunningham spoke asking for signatures to enable him to continue his pursuit to join the upcoming city council election.
A person who had a parcel being sold and was in attendance read a prepared statement. This statement recounted the events that took place at an earlier date at the well site with her realtor. She said that the realtor agreed to meet with Rick at the well site to learn about the well and how our HOA works. When the realtor arrived onsite, Mark was there and began confronting her. Rick said that when he arrived Mark was actively yelling at her. After some time, the realtor left.
During her reading of her statement, Rick and Mark began arguing the facts of the confrontation. There were attendees also arguing the events with Rick and Mark. Mike said that he arrived as Rick was “flipping off” those at the site as he drove off. There was a lot of commotion going on so I was unable to take adequate notes to recount word for word of what was said during this period.
After some and during this commotion, Rick got frustrated and said “I give up, I quit, you guys are on your own.” He gathered his things and started to leave. An attending member asked Rick “are you resigning”, Rick responded “I quit”. The person asked again, “are you resigning”, and Rick said “I am resigning” before walking out of the room.
A homeowner asked if the board accepts his resignation.

A motion to accept Ricks resignation was proposed by Mark, Doug 2nd the motion at 10:07.

Mark started reading an email chain that he printed out that he claimed would prove a conspiracy against him by the other board members led by Rick. He stated that there have been other instances of this over the past few months.
Mark said his examples were the general board attitude and issues questioning why notifications were not out on time. Mark took responsibility for the late notices. He said that the normal practices will resume going forward.

Voting Results
The results were as follows:
Newilda – 43 votes
Martin Rankin – 11 write in votes
Steve Oldham – 10 write in votes

After a discussion it was agreed by the board to accept the write in votes.

A motion to accept the voting results and write in votes was proposed by Doug, Mike 2nd the motion.

The board voted for positions. The board positions are as follows:
Mike – President Doug motioned, Newilda 2nd
Doug – Vice President Mike motioned, Newilda 2nd
Martin – Treasurer Mike motioned, Newilda 2nd
Doug – Secretary Mike motioned, Martin 2nd

Second Election
A discussion about having another election to fill the seat vacated by Rick started. It was agreed by the sitting board to have another election.

The dates for the election are as follows:
May 4, 2018 – Bios due date
May 8, 2018 – Ballots mailed to homeowners
May 25, 2018 – Returned ballots due
June 2, 2018 – Election results announced at a special meeting

Motion to adjourn by Martin, Mike 2nd the motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:13 AM


Mark Greenawalt, Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Newilda Sosa, Mike Shove

Meeting called to order by Mark at 9:00 AM.

Minutes for the previous meeting read by Doug. Mike motioned to accept the minutes, Rick 2nd the motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike
Expenses were $88,812.25
Income was $100,164.93
Balance is $11,352.68

A budget change was proposed to increase Roxanne’s annual pay for reading the water meters from 2475.00 to 3600.00.
A budget change was proposed by Mark to increase Ted’s annual pay from 16,800.00 to 18,000.00.
A motion to accept the budget was proposed by Mike, Rick 2nd the motion.

New Business – Mike
Mike stated the current annual HOA fee per 2.5 acres is $86.40. He proposed increasing the fee $10. A discussion started about why the increase if the reserve funds are around $150k. The reserves should be around $300k in the case of a disaster. A discussion started around potential well disasters the what it would take to recover from a disaster. It was asked that if the reserves would reach the $300k would the annual assessment fees be reduced and the answer was yes.
A motion was presented to raise the current annual HOA fee from $86.40 annually to $93.40 which is a $7.00 increase.
1 No and 4 Yes votes.
A motion to accept the increase was proposed by Mark, Rick 2nd the motion.

Roads Report – Mark
Mark mentioned that bids were received from licensed and insured contractors for grading the roads and they were about $1000.00 less than the previous costs.
Rick made a motion to remove 161st Ave from the grading schedule, Doug 2nd the motion.

A discussion about the Right Of Way (ROW) occurred. Currently, homeowners who have given their ROW to the city have to pay for road grading like a homeowner who has not given up their ROW. Rick and Scott Phillips have been working with the city to collect the public information on each property and which have given their ROW to the city. It was decided that a list of properties without personal information be gathered and be available to other property owners.

Rick made a motion to continue working with Scott and the city to gather the ROW information, Newelda 2nd the motion.

Open Session – Q & A
A homeowner spoke about the dust in the area and about being sick from it. The ROW topic was brought back up as a solution to road dust.
Rick discussed working with Colby Management and the board to write up a formal procedure for delinquent payments.
The main points are:
After 60 days delinquent a certified letter demanding the payment in full.
If not paid then a shutoff order is given and a $100 shutoff / re-instatement fee imposed.
Entire water bill must be paid in full before water service is re-instated.
If not paid it goes to a bill collector.
Mark made a motion to accept the delinquent payment procedure, Newelda 2nd the motion – Passed unanimous

Mark asked for a one-time bonus for Ted of $1000.00.
Mark made a motion to accept Ted’s bonus, Newelda 2nd the motion – Passed unanimous

Mark mentioned that Ted is almost fully insured. After researching the topic, he said that Ted does not need a contractor’s license for his normal day to day duties.
Mark did state that for the larger projects we will need to send them out to bid by contractors.
Mike mentioned that he worked with Ted a few days at the well. He learned Ted’s daily tasks and the extra tasks he does for us. He also explained how Ted works with new homeowners and the different State organizations to keep our water clean and compliant.

2018 Meeting Dates are as follows:
Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 9:00am
Wednesday, August 11, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Mike mentioned the neighborhood watch and said a City of Surprise officer would try to attend our next meeting and discuss training for volunteers.

Mark said that dates for the upcoming election would be posted on the website but would follow the typical format of past elections. He said he didn’t have the exact dates, so he didn’t want to say them at the meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Rick, Mark 2nd the motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:31 AM


Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Mark Greenawalt, Newilda Sosa, Mike Shove

Meeting called to order by Mark at 7:04 PM.

Minutes for the previous meeting read by Doug. Newelda motioned to accept the minutes, Rick 2nd

Mark introduced Mike Shove as the new treasurer for the HOA.

Open Session – Q & A
Mike mentioned that there was some criminal activity west of 163rd Ave and wants to start a neighborhood watch.
Scott asked for an update about Teds license. Mark said that Ted needs a license and liability insurance. Mark said he will talk
. to Ted about it. Mark said that if there is an accident or issue the HOA is responsible to pay for it. He needs workman’s compensation insurance. It was asked if he can become an employee of the HOA, Mark said he will look into it.
Rick said that the HOA cannot pay for Ted’s license, he must do it himself.
Rick asked Mark about the consumer confidence form. Mark said he thinks he signed and returned it and he will double check.
Rick mentioned ADEQ form and Mark will check for it.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike
Expenses were $7,8945.79
Income was $7,903.13
Balance is $192,915.25

Roads Report – Mark
Roads were grated in June. They were sent out to bid and was $4200, about $1000 less than they have been.
155th Ave was done by homeowners on a weekend. It was asked how often they are grated. Rick said 4, but more if needed but limited by the budgeted amount of about $17,000.

Water Report – Rick
5 – Delinquent 60 days, Mike will contact them this week for payment
6 – Delinquent 30 days, only 1 repeater Mike will contact them for payment
1 – 10 months and 1 is 5 months delinquent. Rick explained the delinquent process and said to let Colby Management handle the extremely late homeowners.

Website Updates – Doug
Doug stated the minutes were uploaded to the site.
He explained why the website has been down for several weeks. A summary is that Doug setup a new webhosting company to save money and modernize the site. When the name was being transferred, the previous owner did not approve the name transfer and Earthlink essentially shut down the name, meaning it was no longer reachable.
He said that he was having bad luck trying to get Earthlink to make the site available again. He said that he will continue building the new site and the board agreed that would be made public until the Earthlink issue was resolved.

New Business – Mark
Mark said that the City of Surprise is talking about exercising eminent domain to get the right of way for Dale lane.
Rick put forth a motion to make public all property owners names who have not given the city the ROW for their property. Mark said he did not like the idea of neighbor shaming.
No board member 2nd the motion.

Motion to adjourn by Mark, Doug 2nd the motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:01 PM


Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Mark Greenawalt, Newilda Sosa, Stacey Shiffer

Meeting called to order by Rick at 9:00 AM.
Rick stated that the ballots were sent out and returned in March. He talked about the unique number on the ballots to ensure the votes are true and confident. Colby put a signature line without the boards knowledge which would undermine the confidentiality. Because of this, each returned ballot was counted whether it was signed or not.
75 total ballots returned
54 total ballots signed
24 total ballots unsigned

Minutes for the previous meeting read by Doug. Mark motioned to accept the minutes, Newelda 2nd the motion.
It was asked about Ted needing to have a license. Mark read the statue as saying he did. Rick disagreed. Mark said he would contact the attorney to settle the matter.

Open Session – Q & A
Morning Vista – A homeowner moved the wash and flooded another homeowner, and asked the board about the legality of moving the wash. Doug suggested they contact the City of Surprise and ask them what they can do. Doug also suggested they continue calling the city until they received an answer.
A homeowner asked about splitting their property into two 1.25-acre parcels. Rick and Mark explained the 2.5-acre minimum parcel size as mandated in the CC&Rs.

Treasurer’s Report – Stacey
Expenses were $7,379.28
Income was $6,171.24
Balance is $157,846.01

Roads Report – Mark
Mark stated that the roads were recently grated, and Ted did a good job. Martin R said there was some wash boarding still.
Mark talked about the water truck being in an accident, and Ted explained what happened.

Mark said it cost us $850.00 for the repairs and we are not insured. Ric said that the board setup the rental, so it is up to the board to setup the insurance. If Ted set it up, Ted is responsible for the insurance. It was asked why we don’t use Bob Allen and Ted said he isn’t a licensed contractor anymore. Rick stated that there is liability insurance already.

Mark said the 166th Ave (the well road) has a big pothole and the association already agreed to help pay one third for the repairs. Mark explained the repairs were to fill the hole with dirt and covered with asphalt pieces. Rick explained our ongoing agreement with the homeowners and helping with the road maintenance. Ted also said that the homeowners near the well watch it to make sure no one is there who shouldn’t be there.

A question was asked about why Morning Vista isn’t very wide. Newelda explained that it was done at the minimum required footage.
Scott Phillips had a display with a map showing the roads with the right of ways. He explained the history between SVHOA and the City of Surprise. He talked about how other roads have had improvements because the homeowners have given up their right of ways to the city.

An open discussion about the roads in general began which reviewed the history of the roads for the new homeowners.

Water Report – Rick
Rick talked about the arsenic testing with Joe Fianno. He said Joe is happy with the system and with the way Ted is maintaining the water system. Rick explained that we have on day of water in the summer in the tanks, and he explained our water agreement with Saguaro Acres.

Rick said that we are within the required codes and standards, but we should consider getting a new storage tank in the future. Ted said we are on the edge if all properties were to have homes on them. He said we do have a redundant well, but not sufficient storage in case both wells were to be down at once.
Rick said the new meter buy-in money is earmarked for the new storage tank.

Ted said that Saguaro Acres is making well improvements and they may need to use our water periodically during this time.

Website Updates – Doug
Doug stated the minutes were uploaded to the site.
He said that improvements were made to make the site easier to navigate.
He said that he is looking into switching web hosting companies as the existing company is expensive and their support is lacking.

He explained about the issue with moving the name away from a personally owned name to the board owning the domain.

New Business – Rick
Sonja Haldeman explained that her property has a utility easement. She asked about it being removed, and Rick said yes.

Voting Result
Mark explained that Colby did not count the non-signed ballots. Mark took all fo the returned ballots and counted them to keep the results fair.
The results were as follows:
Rick – 63 votes
Stacey – 56 votes
Mike – 58 votes
Doug – 69 votes

The board voted for positions. The board positions are as follows:
Mark – President Newelda motioned, Doug 2nd
Rick – Vice President Mark motioned, Doug 2nd
Doug – Secretary Rick motioned, Newelda 2nd
Mike – Treasurer Rick motioned, Doug 2nd

Rick stated that Stacey handled the water delinquencies. Mark said that he would handle them going forward.
Martin said there were two weeks left in the six-week commitment given by the city council during the Marth 9th meeting about 163rd Ave.

Motion to adjourn by Newelda, Doug 2nd the motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:05 A.M.


Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Mark Greenawalt, Newilda Sosa, Stacey Shiffer

Meeting called to order by Rick at 9:00 AM.
Rick reviewed the agenda for the meeting. The board members introduced themselves.
Rick introduced Ted Chittenden and placed a map on the wall showing the location of the well site.

Open Session – Q & A
A member of the community, Ann Fleming, read a statement regarding the September newsletter sent out by Rick. She asked if the other members of the board knew about the letter prior to it being sent out, and if it reflected the attitude of the board in general. Rick explained the only reason for the letter was to get homeowners to attend the board meetings and get more members involved with our SVHOA duties / responsibilities. Since we all have a legal obligation and are accountable to our SVHOA – to ensure things are being done correctly and everyone knows what is going on. The other members of the board stated that they did not know about the letter prior to it being sent out. Doug stated that he agreed with the message but thought the execution was flawed. The other members of the board also stated and agreed that no further communication would be sent out on behalf of the board without the prior knowledge and review of the board.

A question was asked about fast drivers on Duane lane and asked about speed limit signs. Rick explained the road budget and suggested any member of the community who have road concerns should attend the local council meeting.

A general discussion about the roads took place, which ended up with a suggestion about getting a petition together for the city council to address the road issue (dust, conditions of the dirt roads). Mark and Stacey said they will put together a petition.

Water Report – Rick
Rick gave a brief history of the well site. Ted reviewed some of the updated he had performed over the past few months including improvements concerning safety, the electrical feed to the site, a new shed, equipment redundancy, and some other improvements.
Rick explained the tank redundancy, plus the agreement between Saguaro View and Saguaro Acres.
ADEQ sent the “all clear” letter on the well site. Document will be posted on the website.
Emergency contact info for water related issues was shared.
Ted explained about the emergency shutdown procedure and where it is posted (side of shed at the well site). Rick read the shutdown procedures and the contact sheet.
Ted explained some additional changes at the well site that should be addressed in the near future, including a new shutoff valve.
Rick explained that though many changes and improvements have been made at the well site, the annual assessments have not changed.
Ted gave a copy of the shed and generator keys to Mark.
Rick invited any home owner to visit the well site to see its condition stating it is our water supply so we should all know about it.

Minutes for the previous meeting read by Doug. Mark motioned to accept the minutes, Rick 2nd the motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Stacey
Expenses were $11,718.93
Income was $15,697.08
Balance is $151,837.21
A question was asked about what the board wanted the reserve to get to. Rick stated around $300,000.00. He explained that many well site improvements still need to be performed, plus finishing the loops in the water main that have not been completed yet. Those non-completed loops allow water to become stagnant and possibly harmful to the residents. He also stated that the reserves not only allow emergency repairs to happen quickly, but larger projects could happen without special or raised assessments. He used the new redundant well as an example of a large expense that occurred with savings that were already there.

Roads Report – Mark
Mark stated that the roads are scheduled to be graded on or around 1/15/2017.
Mark again stressed that any road concerns be brought up to the city council and neighbors.

Website Updates – Doug
Doug stated the minutes plus other documents were uploaded.

New Business – Rick
Teds flat rate charges were discussed.
Mark stated that he was concerned that there was no liability insurance for Ted. He also stated that Ted is not a licensed contractor and was concerned about the HOA’s liability if Ted was injured while performing work for SVHOA.
Mark suggested getting competitive bids on larger projects.
Mark made a motion to get competitive bids on any project of $2000.00 and above. Stacey 2nd this motion.
Mark said he just wants to be fiscally responsible with the money entrusted to be managed by the board.
Mark also said that we might not be in full compliance with Arizona statues because Ted is not licensed.
Stacey said she wants Ted to have a contractor’s license and insurance.
Rick suggested we help Ted get his license if it is required because of his dependability and his knowledge of our water system, plus his dedication to our well and providing clean water to our homes.

Water Delinquencies – Stacey
Currently only one community member is delinquent on their water bill.
Rick explained how the delinquencies were handled (warning, shutoff, fines)
A question about assessment delinquencies was asked, and Stacey said only a few were currently delinquent which totaled to a few hundred dollars.
Rick explained that we have a flat rate with a lawyer to deal with delinquencies on our behalf.

Proposed Budget – Stacey
Stacey stated that most of the budget remained the same.
She explained the few differences.
She read the proposed budget.
Mark motioned to accept the proposed budget, Doug 2nd the motion.
Rick stated that the new budget will be posted on the website.

Rick explained the upcoming election process, and said that anyone interested in running should get their bio to Colby Management so they could mail them out. He said that election dates would be sent out soon, plus they will be posted on the website.

Motion to adjourn by Mark and Newelda 2nd this motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A.M.

Saguaro View Minutes

Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Mark Greenawalt, Newilda Sosa, Stacey Shiffer

Meeting called to order by Rick at 7:00 PM.

Minutes for the previous meeting read by Doug. Mark motioned to accept the minutes, Rick 2nd the motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Stacey
Expenses were $9936.71
Income was $31,294.66
Balance is $146,690.11

Roads Report – Mark
Roads were grated the previous week
Ted would be fixing a couple driveway issues
Road grating delays were due to the well work being performed
A community member attending the meeting asked about people driving “too fast” on their road and roads not lasting a long time
Mark replied that fast driving degrades the roads quicker and driving slower helps them stay in a better condition. One community member said they stopped a driver who consistently drove fast and asked them to slow down on the dirt road and they did.
Rick stated that no more road work is scheduled for the remainder of 2016 unless there is an emergency (rain, runoff) situation as a lot of road work was performed at the beginning of the year.
Rick mentioned the annual budget for road work is $15,000.
Mark stated that any road issues should be reported so they could be addressed by email.
Rick and Mark stated that any questions for the board can be addressed with an email, but attending the meetings are preferred.

Water Report – Rick
Rick gave driving instructions to the well site and gave the address: 28234 N. 167th AVE 85387
There was a power issue with APS that was blowing fuses. APS replaced the transformer and lines to the wellsite.
2015 ADEQ Water Report received.
The well is at 4.1 ppb arsenic – This is below the maximum 10 ppb for out-of-compliance level
ADEQ will test the arsenic level yearly, as we’ve now been in compliance since 2013
The report will be posted on the website under the “Water” section.

Rick stated that the well is in compliance and the insurance is paid.
Rick mentioned that the form with the number of residents and connections was filled out
Mark mentioned that he completes the report with the gallon usage in March and is sent from Colby Management to SV board.
Rick mentioned all documents for the well, water, etc are posted on the website and welcomed all community members to visit the site. Also, all licenses are posted at the well site, in the work shed

Website Updates – Doug
Doug stated the minutes were uploaded.
Doug mentioned that all of the water forms were uploaded like Rick said.
An attendee asked about reporting road issues like potholes and Rick said to contact the city council member, or attend the city council meeting.

Open Session – Q & A
A question was asked about the Roads Right of Way.
Scott Phillips stated that he might be able to provide a list of the property owners who have not given up the right of way to the city.
Rick suggested they attend the city council meeting or contact our representative.
This opened a discussion about what the issue is with the right of way and why it is important. This was due to several new community members were attending and they were not aware of the topic. I will not put into writing the details as it was informational for the new members.

New Business – Rick
There was a suggestion to put the right of way quick claim document into the paperwork received by new property owners.

Motion to adjourn by Mark and Rick 2nd this motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 P.M.


Rick Molera, Doug Villa, Mark Greenawalt, Newilda Sosa, Stacey Shiffer

Meeting called to order by Rick at 9:00 a.m.

Rick introduced Ted as the person who manages and takes care of the SV community well. He also explained the water late fee process and well ownership.
Rick also introduced the board members and explained that the HOA is non-profit, and we have money in reserves. He mentioned the SVHOA website and the contact information is posted.

Stacey read the Minutes from the previous meeting. Motion was made by Mark to accept the minutes and second by Newilda.

Rick reviewed the 2016 meeting schedule.

Open session – Q & A
Roads – The city recently chip sealed Peakview. Rick stated he recently attended the City of Surprise council meeting and asked Roland Winters (our council member) to help with the roads. Mr Winters asked that our community members attend council meeting so issues like the roads may be brought up.
Rick explained the annual assessment is per parcel and for well maintenance, and not for water usage. The water buy in fee is $4500.00 and includes the meter.
It was brought to our attention that the document about the water meter fee on the website is contrary and confusing. Doug said he will update the website to show the actual fee and clarify the wording.

Treasurer’s Report – Newilda
Expenses were 18,254.00 – This was because all of the tanks were cleaned due to the construction at the well site the past few months.

Roads Report – Mark
Roads grated and a hole on Saguaro View was fixed.
Roads will be grated again in a month or so
Rick said a lot of road work was done recently and we will stick to the budget as no additional road work is needed at this time.
Mark stated that any road issues should be reported so they could be addressed.

Water Report – Rick
All water tanks were cleaned instead of one at a time.
Ted suggested a 5 year clanning plan with all tanks.
Some fix up work will be performed at the well site
Rick gave directions to the well site for anyone who wants to see it
Ted is putting in a new shed and pouring a new concrete slab as a foundation.
Ted explained that the new system and a new shut off light
Ted stated the new pump is in-line
Rick explained the Saguaro Acres relationship w/ the wells and water usage
Rick stated that Colby Management should be contacted for any water issues.

Website Updates – Doug
Doug stated the minutes were uploaded.
He also stated that there was an issue with some posts that were not on the site. He went through the site and reposted what he could find that was missing. He then made a complete backup of the site including all documents and code. Future backups will be made so if another issue comes up we will have recent backups.
Rick explained that the website is simple and as transparent as we can be. He said all members are welcome to bring forward any ideas to help make it better.

New Business – Rick
Rick reviewed the election ballots for the two open board positions. Rick explained that the ballot and voting process is managed by Colby Management to keep faulty reporting down.
Ballots Sent – 209
Ballots Received – 84
Newilda – 73
Mark – 84
Steve Oldham – 24

Officer assignments
Mark nominated Rick to remain President – Newilda 2nd
Newilda nominated Mark to remain Vice President – Doug 2nd
Mark nominated Stacey to Treasurer – Doug 2nd
Mark nominated Doug Secretary – Stacey 2nd

Rick mentioned Roxanne is our meter reader
Ted explained why we are going with a Tuff Shed that is 8×12
Rick stated that an annual checklist will be created.

Motion to adjourn by Mark and Newilda 2nd this motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:48 P.M.


Rick, Doug, Mark, Newilda

Meeting called to order by Rick at 9:00am

Open discussion about the water testing performed on the well

Minutes from meeting 4/11/15. Newilda motion to accept the minutes, second by Doug

Treasury Report read by Newilda:
$15357.37 expenses
$12804.30 liability

Due to emergency turn off. There is now electrical independence for complete redundancy at the well.
Rick stated the accuracy of the budget forecast and the true statements

Road Report read by Rick:
End of September road maintenance performed
Scheduled for one more time before the end of the year.
There was a discussion about filling a hole on Saguaro View Dr. Rick stated the City would have to repair the road not the SVHOA
Rick said he would provide the City of Surprise contact information to an attendee who requested it regarding giving the city Right of Way.

Water Report by Rick:
No issues to report
Rick stated to contact the SVHOA for any water related issues

Website Updates by Doug:
No new documents updated
Minutes updated from previous meeting

Officer Nathaniel Miller from the Surprise Police Department was on hand to discuss our community.
He introduced himself as our community officer. Meaning he is assigned to our area for any public or community related issues. We have a total of three officers and one sergeant assigned to our community.
He said there are a number of programs we can use including a drug takeback box located at Statler and Litchfield Rd.
He stated that Saguaro View is one of his quietest areas. Meaning there are few officers dispatched into our neighborhood.
He did mention that the construction area has reported of copper theft.
Newilda asked about hearing gun shots. Officer Miller stated that the county has its own regulations but said to report it if you see on offense.
Officer Miller was asked about a neighborhood watch program. He said that it would need to be community run, but Surprise PD could perform training if an organized watch was created.
He stated his on-duty schedule of Monday through Thursday from 7:00am to 5:00pm. He also left some business cards which were given to attendees if they requested.

2016 Projected Budget
Rick explained how the numbers were calculated. Newelda stated the reason for a monthly balance sheet is mailed every month with the water bill.
Rick explained the forecast:
Colby Management has not notified if the monthly fees were being increased or not
Ted has increased his fee from $1200.00 a month to $1400.00 a month.
Rick explained the water fee limit per the water useage report on the website.
Roxanne has increased her fee from $275.00 a month to $300.00 a month.
Newilda and Rick stated the importance of the reserve and why we need to keep it so high. Mark used the new well as an example of using the reserve without having to perform a special assessment to raise the money to pay for it.
Rick stated the water loop is not completed which raises a health risk. Flushing the water stands keeps the water safe. Rick stated that completing the water loop would be the next large goal for the board.
Mark motioned to approve the budget and seconded by Doug.
Mark mentioned that there would be two open seats for the HOA board and notices would be sent out.
Rick stated there will be a newsletter sent out after the beginning of 2016.
Motion to adjourn at 10:07 by Mark and seconded by Newilda.

Saguaro View Homeowners Association