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2022 & 2023 SVM ASSOC.

General queries & requests:  email – monitored on a daily basis

For billing questions and requests for documents:

Colby Management
17220 N Boswell Blvd #140
Sun City, AZ 85373
Phone – 623-977-3860
Fax – 623-977-3577

Website –

Emergency Contact – PLEASE, first, check our secured website for any/all updates!

Otherwise, see contact information, below.

Thank you

1) Water System or WebSite or General Questions / Issues
Martin Rankin      –   Leave a message – If/when no answer
Trish Oldham    –  Leave a message – If/when no answer

2) Dirt Road or SVM Procedural Questions / Issues

Martin Rankin    – 623-810-7522
Trish Oldham    – 602-361-0757     ”         ”        ”               ”           ”         “

SVM Board of Directors

Martin Rankin         —  623-810-7522
Trish Oldham         —   602.361.0757
Mary Greenawalt  —   623.910.0679
Mike Holguin  —   760.424.9524
Jim Smith – Actively monitored by our volunteer board!

– All Association members are welcome at all SVM Board meetings. Our scheduled SVM Board meetings shall be conducted as per A.R.S. § 33-1804 – Open Meeting; Exceptions. These meetings are the only opportunity for the Board to meet as a body to conduct the affairs of our Association. For that reason, the Board will adhere to the general tenets of the Rules of Order as outlined in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief. This is to ensure an efficient use of our limited time and an orderly progression through our agenda for the meeting.  ALL meetings shall be conducted in an efficient & professional manner!

– All meeting dates are listed on our website community Home page and draft agenda under the Agenda button.  Please, feel free to self-serve and print out this information & share it with your neighbors!  So we all stay informed & mitigate misinformation!!

Reminders/agendas are sent to all members via U.S. mail, 10 days minimum & 60 days maximum, prior to all scheduled association meetings–

Per state revised statute AZ A.R.S. 33-1804

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