ATTENTION! – 2020  ALL Water Compliance Actions Completed Successfully – Please click on “Water” Tab, above, for details!! 
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FEB 20th, 2021 9am – 

Saguaro View Assoc. Sign, located on N. 163rd ave & W. Peakview Rd., Officially Re-Painted!
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2020 SVM August – Member Newsletter Update – Click HERE

2020 SVM July – Special Vote Completed – Click HERE for Update

2020 SVM May – Attorney response to threatened lawsuit – Click HERE for Update  

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Per legal counsel advise:
Our current SVM board is driving a two phased approach to get out of date & ambiguously worded CCRs amended and fixed.
Phase 1 – In order to meet 2020 dirt road maintenance operational expense obligations, we put it to a MEMBER VOTE to approve 2020 assessment at $70 per 2.5 acre lot.  As approved by previous board of directors at the December 17th, end of year 2019 budget meeting & noted in SVM meeting minutes, on our website –
Vote Successfully Completed – By a United Membership : Civil Majority – July 18th, 2020!

Phase 2 – Next, our officers commissioned a member driven team, assisted by two board members, to address the draft update to our CCRs.  This draft update has been finalized & certified by our law firm.  Members shall receive document updates, in the U.S. mail, week of DEC. 1st.  Please do be on the lookout for your packet-mailer & next step instructions, as this is a joint-association-member effort –  so get involved!  Upcoming scheduled meeting:  FEB 20th, 2021 9am
Rick Molera SVM President – 623.546.2840  or  623.255.9992  cell


2020 SVM May – Attorney response to threatened lawsuit

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As of fiscal year 2020 – https://saguaroview.org  now TLS-SSL Secured – Planned Upgrade Completed Successfully – RM.



Saguaro View Homeowners Association is a small rural community located in Surprise, Arizona. We are very proud of our beautiful views of the White Tank’s and the Estrella Mountains in the distant southern horizon and the scenic Hieroglyphic Mountains with their boundless trails and washes providing our immediate northern backdrop. The monsoon storms that develop over these mountains in the summer months offer spectacular lightning displays. The surrounding desert landscape with its many saguaros is a continual reminder of the diverseness and richness of the Sonoran desert.

Moreover, while we share a beautiful area to live we must also share the critical responsibility of managing our association.  Our members, collectively, own and operate a NON-PROFIT PUBLIC water system company.  Which supplies safe drinking water to our homes & parcels.  Our water system is continuously maintained and planned upgrades are proactively done; to ensure the highest quality water delivery to our growing community & to effectively meet our needs – DECADES into the future!!!

Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR)
++Annual water report under – 56-002282.0000

Arizona  Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)
++Public Water System (PWS) “
++Public Water System (PWS) Number = 07-169  or AZ0407169

AZ CORP COMMISSION Active Corporation ## = 01307188

We urge you to become an active member of our community by interacting with your neighbors & attending our friendly SVM HOA meetings.

Saguaro View Management

Action:  City of Surprise public road right of way dedication procedure

Anyone interested in dedicating right of way should call in with their parcel or address.  If it is an area where Surprise is collecting right of way, City shall prepare a legal description and exhibit, and a quit claim deed.  Once property owner has signed and returned, it shall be recorded and a copy sent to property owner  –  simple as that; so please help make a difference!!

Laribeth Kirkendall
City of Surprise
Right of Way Agent



City of Surprise offices open at 8 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. More info at www.surpriseaz.gov.

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